Gambling with no deposit bonuses to avoid losses on FX

All forms of investment carry risk, but the risks in Forex trading are much higher. This is why every Forex broker is supposed to warn all their clients that they are risking their capital. By the way, if your broker doesn’t have such a warning, that may be a sign they are not regulated since financial regulators require such a warning for all their brokers.

Even though Forex trading is risky, it is in no it can also be very profitable and many traders have been able to make fortunes out of it. The difference between a losing and winning trader is very simple, knowledge and experience. The former is very simple; you can only make money if you understand how the markets work. As for the latter, experience, this is where most traders fail.

There have been numerous studies to try and understand why so many Forex traders lose money, and it always comes down to psychology. The best traders have had years of experience in taming their emotions, which is why they are successful. To try and deliver this same experience to novice traders, the Forex brokers offer demo accounts which are similar to the real thing, except there is no real capital at stake. It’s like getting some online casino free spins just to enjoy the graphics and sounds, without an ability to cash your winnings out.

Gambling with no deposit bonuses

Despite the good intentions of the Forex brokers, therein lies the problem. A demo account does not only eliminate the risk of losses, but also the reward of success. When you think about it, how motivated would someone be if they knew their effort would not have any reward? Very little, if any. This is a serious downside to demo accounts, but they won’t be going anywhere since they still help to familiarize traders with the trading platforms.

But what if there was a way to combine the security of funds like a demo account does while providing the much needed real rewards to motivate someone into passionate trading? A few Forex brokers offer just that in the form of no deposit bonuses. With this offer, a trader is credited with a virtual amount of capital with which to trade, just like a demo account, but all the profits made afterwards are real and can be withdrawn.

Many brokers will offer a bonus after a client makes a deposit, but this no deposit bonus is there even before they deposit any money into their trading accounts. This way, there is no actual capital at risk, but the possibility of actual returns is enough to motivate someone to trade passionately. Essentially, you can make money even without putting any capital down.

If you would like such an opportunity, there are several Forex brokers offering the no deposit bonus option. All you need is identify them, sign up and verify your account; it’s that simple. All the profits will be yours to do with as you please, and that’s a very good reason to get serious about your trades.