XTB No Deposit Bonus

XTB No Deposit Bonus is definitely the opportunity you would not like to miss. Good bonuses make good brokers and vice versa. XTB is the veteran in trading and their offers can be trusted without any doubt. Take a look at some advantages XTB offers:

 MetaTrader 4 or xStation

 No Expiration Date

 40 USD

Want to check out what does their service represent and whether backtesting their trading platforms is a good idea? Make use of this stunning promotion? The answers to all this and more you will find in our XTB Bonus review. Here we go!

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XTB No Deposit Bonus Description

If you decided to pursue your career in trading, be most lucky to start with this bonus. XTB understands how important is to attract as many traders as possible. So, this is what you are provided with:

  • 40 USD
  • 25 GBP
  • 30 EUR

Indeed, the size depends on which currency you choose while opening an account at XTB. Hence, in an attempt to get this bonus you simply have to register a live account and that’s it. However, there is one essential restriction that you should not overlook. This deal is available only for those traders who do not have any accounts at XTB. Unfortunately, if you are already familiar with this broker empirically, the door behind which are free 40 dollars will remain closed. If that is the case, then do not give up and keep on your further searching.

Although you get XTB Bonus only once per account created, it is indubitably a good starting support from this broker, isn’t it? This turns out to be particularly essential for those who want to start their pathway in trading.

Get XTB Free 40 USD

How to Withdraw No Deposit Bonus at XTB?

Since XTB predominantly uses MetaTrader 4 platform, it quotes volume in regular MT4 lots. Therefore, the general volume is 3. Yes, you didn’t mishear – you make trades with the overall amount of 3 lots and that’s all.

If you do not complete this condition, you will simply not be allowed to withdraw this bonus. If you try, first you will fail and thus no money will be credited to your account in the bank. It would be quite unwise to lose such free deal as well as deprive yourself from trading with free funds thereafter. So, you can withdraw all of your profits made with this bonus after you clear them. Fortunately, this clearing process is not complicated as it goes together with your trades.

What is also vital to admit about this No Deposit Bonus XTB, that all your trades made on CFDs will not actually be calculated for the clearance. Do not forget about it.

Get XTB Free 40 USD

Bonus Pros & Cons

Despite looking great, this bonus also has some pitfalls. Thereby, it is important to take a closer look at them below.

What makes this bonus good

  1. Meta Trader 4
  2. 3 lots required
  3. 24 months term of expiration

What makes this bonus not so good

  1. CFD trades do not count
  2. Withdrawal requires clearance


Although this bonus is awesome, you should understand the conditions that you are obliged to follow, if you want to get this bonus. Especially about the incapability of immediately withdrawing your bonus. Remember that it is not a free gift to all people willing to receive 40 dollars, but a hand of help and symbol of trust. Thus, the XTB policy regarding the bonus is completely understandable.

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How to Get XTB No Deposit Bonus?

Well, the process of getting the bonus is pretty much simple, though it still requires some time and certain steps to undertake. So, embrace yourself for the moment of truth and do not miss anything about XTB No Deposit Account.

Step 1

If you want to get this bonus, first thing you have to do is click on “Create Account” button.

XTB No Deposit Bonus

Step 2

After you clicked the button, you will be suggested to choose one of two accounts in a small window. As you want to trade with real money No Deposit Bonus XTB, click on “Real Account” button.

Step 3

XTB No Deposit Bonus

Afterwards, a new window of registration will open. This a basic identity check. But make sure you write a verified and official information. In fact, this starts from giving an email address, and then will have to go through several steps of registration process.

XTB No Deposit Bonus

Final Step

After you filled all the necessary fields in the registration, there is only one final move needed to get your desirable bonus. You have to write an email to ukservice@xtb.co.uk in order to inform them about your intention of getting XTB Free Bonus.

Thereafter, you will receive the bonus depending on the currency you have chosen for your trading account: 40 USD, 30 EUR, 25 GBP. We tend to think that such currency diversity makes this bonus even better.

Get XTB Free Bonus

XTB Free Bonus Review Verdict

Being honest with you and ourselves, we can say that this bonus is a real deal. It is free and is most suitable for traders seeking a reliable partner. Novices in trading will also find this bonus very useful. What is even more fascinating is that the broker supports MetaTrader 4 platform that is the most popular trading platform ever created. But if you look for an alternative, xStation can be quite a good substitute and also is able to grant you decent trading experience. As the matter of fact, different trading communities feel very positive about XTB No Deposit Bonus. There is a lot of feedback that can ensure us all that this bonus can serve traders well. Moreover, with this No Deposit Bonus one can test his new strategy and this how it goes in the natural market environment without even funding the account! Isn’t that nice? Of course it is. Therefore, do no wait – claim your free bonus today.

Get Free 40 USD from XTB