Through its innovative crowd-trading technology that lets traders see crowd sentiment before actually taking a trade, Trade360 broker is one of the favourite ways to know what are the main trends when it comes to trading financial markets.

 Trade360 Welcome Bonus Description

Trade360 Welcome Bonus Description

The trade360 no deposit bonus is offered to attract as many possible clients and to make sure people are getting used to their trading platform and conditions.

Even though it is not advertised like a welcoming bonus, in reality, it is as it can be obtained only once and for one account only. It is a nice way to get a supplementary amount in your trading account once you have decided this broker is the right broker for your trading.

Trade360 bonus is not offered just like that, but the trader needs to fulfil some conditions, like a specific volume to be traded before clearing the bonus, a minimum deposit is required, as well as some time constraints when it comes to the actual positions required to clear it.

Checking the list below fives you $50 bucks. As easy as that.

The minimum amount for opening an account and claiming the $50 bonus is $25 and the volume to be traded is one million dollars. Therefore, conditions to clear the trade360 no deposit bonus are not that simple and easy to accomplish as many may think.

The most important thing to take into consideration is the fact that only volume from trades that have been open for more than 10 minutes can count towards the volume requirements of this promotion.

Therefore, scalping your way through clearing this bonus is not an easy thing to do.

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Bonus Advantages & Disadvantages

The main advantage of a no deposit bonus, this one included, is that it is a risk-free bonus in the sense that the trader is trading with the broker’s money. Not really the case here since $25 still need to be deposited in the first place to qualify for it, but it is not that big of an amount when compared with the benefits offered.

The same thing, namely the minimum amount to be deposited can be listed as a disadvantage as well, together with the fact that the bonus can be claimed only once per each trading account.

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How to Get Trade360 Sign Up Bonus?

If you decide to take the trade360 promotion, there are five easy steps to follow.

Step 1

The first thing to do is to login to the trading account. This means one needs to have an account already, so opening a trading account is a must.

That is quite easy to do by either clicking on the Get $50 button on the bottom of the bonus page or using the Join Us on the top right corner of the same page should do the trick.

Step 2

The next step is to enter the phone number in the box on top of the screen after the login is made, to star the verification process that makes you eligible for the trade360 free bonus.

Step 3

Click Send Code.

Step 4

Enter the code in the required field.

Step 5

Get the bonus.

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 Trade360 Bonus Review Verdict

The conclusion is that the no deposit trade360 bonus is the perfect way to get in contact with the broker’s trading conditions and requirements to clear the bonus are not that difficult to be achieved provided trading is done respecting money management rules.

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