XM No Deposit

Want to check what XM Forex Broker offers before making real money deposit with it? XM Free Bonus 30 USD is perfect tool for testing broker’s possibilities with no deposit! Should you try it? It is unclear, since there are better deals in the market. Here are few main advantages of XM No Deposit Bonus:

 MetaTrader 4

 No Expiration Date

 30 USD

This bonus will not even require any documents from you! So read XM Free Bonus 30 USD review or Get cash now!

XM Free Bonus 30 USD Description

Why would you want Free XM Bonus 30 USD? From the point of view of the professional traders it is always better to check all trading possibilities e.g. commissions and execution time, before you give your money to this broker. This is why, getting XM No Deposit Bonus before you start trading with it, is awesome idea. Who knows, maybe your free trading would be so advanced that you make enough profits, to stay without any deposits. But we have to mention that XM Forex broker is questionable and we would not advise you to deposit any money with it afterwards.

Getting this free Forex cash is not difficult, and Best Bonus Forex recons that it is actually more simple than making real 30 USD on your job or somewhere else. You should just register via link that is provided below and give your real cellphone number to XM Forex Broker. They will verify it via SMS and that would be actually it. Free money  are supposed to come to you right away, if broker does not decides to cancel your bonus.

Get XM Free 30 USD

How to Withdraw XM Free 30 USD?

Lucky enough to get your bonus and are ready to take profits from the XM, hoping that it will not reject your request? In order to do so, you will have to fulfill few conditions.

First of all, trading volume that you have made should be at least 0.5 Lots. This is not actually difficult, especially with 1:888 leverage. But remember, any trade below 0.01 Lot will not be counted.

Secondly, there is a limit on your first withdrawal with XM No Deposit Bonus. You have to cash out at least 60 USD. Which is basically doubling up your starting money, shouldn’t be a problem, huh?

As a nice addition that should make your cash out even easier, there is no specified expiration date of your free XM Cash. So, even if you trade really slowly, at some point you will be able to get required amount and get your Forex profits if XM Forex broker allows you to.

But be aware, that XM No Deposit Bonus conditions allow it to reject your withdrawal without any reason.

Get XM Free 30 USD

XM Free Bonus 30 USD is provided by Forex broker with questionable conditions and reputation. We do not recommend you to take it.

Bonus Pros & Cons

Every deal has positive and negative sides. So what are pros and cons of the XM Free Bonus 30 USD? Read them below.

Bright side of the bonus

  1. Web Trader and MT4 platforms
  2. No expiration date
  3. Small required trading volume 

Dark side of the bonus

  1. Questionable broker
  2. Better conditions of other deals
  3. Not available for mobile trading


How to Get XM No Deposit Bonus?

Getting XM no deposit bonus is really easy. You can click on any of the buttons above, or use links in this guide in order to start your free Forex trading now!

Step 1

So, if you are at the website of XM Forex broker, just click green button and start registration process.XM Free 30 USD

Alternatively, you can click over here and you will end up right at the beginning of the registration process.

Step 2

The button will take you to the Real Account registration form, which looks like this.

XM Free 30 USDDo not be afraid, you will not have to deposit any money, XM Free Bonus 30 USD will be there for you. Provide your real data together with your phone number, since it will be verified. Then press “Proceed to step 2” button.

Step 3

Choose your account type, amount of the investments and preferred leverage. Caution, you will have to give information about your investment experience and business that you are involved to. This is a standard set of questions, so do not be afraid!

Get XM Free 30 USD

Step 4

Boom! You have created an account at XM Forex broker! All what is left for you to do – find data for your login details in your inbox and login into members area. Free XM cash is hopefully there!

XM Free 30 USD

Step 5

After you will get into members area, you will have to type in verification code that has been send as an SMS to your phone. Keep it up, you are almost there.

Final Step

So, this is it! Now you should get your free Forex cash from XM! They do ask for 24 hours waiting time, but in reality it takes around 30 minutes to see money on your account balance. Do not be surprised, if you do not see them as a deposit money on your account, they are in another field of your balance sheet. They will be transferred to the deposit money when you clear them up, so in 0.5 Lots of trading volume. Also, do remember that if broker decides, it can easily exclude you from promotion.

We have tested this promotion several times. As a matter of fact, we did receive promotional offers from the broker via SMS and calls. Honestly speaking, right after finishing registration process, author’s cellphone called and it was his new account manager from the XM. More to that, account manager always sends you promotional deals to your email, so be prepared to find plenty of them.

XM Free Bonus Review Verdict

This bonus seems like a fair deal for starters or free cash seekers. Conditions of XM Free Bonus 30 USD are pretty loyal and there is no hurry in terms of bonus clearance involved. Furthermore, you will be able to use your XM No Deposit Bonus on MetaTrader 4 for Windows as well as Mac OS X, or to make your trades in web browser without any downloads needed. But do remember that this broker is questionable and it has been caught on some questionable rejects and annoying calls to clients. You can claim your bonus here.